In this time of accelerated energies, our Galactic family of Light has gifted us with Sacred Geometry tools, to help us to stay balanced and to help with our personal- and spiritual growth. The I.Connect is one of those tools.

When synchronicity made me stumble upon the I.Connect information in a general internet search about Sacred Geometry, I immediately sensed a connection.  In my Stargate workshops I witness what amazing experiences and changes the Stargate geometric technology brings to my workshop attenders, so I was curious what the I.Connect , as a similar technology, could bring. After holding the I.Connect I ordered for myself, I immediately felt its balancing effect in a very pleasant and gentle way. In my workshops I always have one with me now, and when asked for,  I let people experience the I.Connect for themselves.  A  lot of the time people  immediately feel some kind of wholesome response, even after holding it for just a brief period of time.

Therefore I gladly bring this under your attention, with blessings and thanks to Gregory Hoag.  Besides him being the person who made the  small Stargates for Prageet Harris for the last 25 years, he also invested  25years of his time on research and development to  bring the I.Connect and other beautiful Secred Geometry tools into form. If you want to find out more, please press the button below.  



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